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Working in health I like to look at everything that may affect people's health and well-being.  This includes mental, physical and chemical factors.  I work from the premise that our mind and body are intimately connected, so when treating one we treat the other.  It is this belief that lead me to start Just Laughter.  I love the positive health benefits gained from such simple means.

Several years ago I attended some laughter sessions and really enjoyed them.  I was amazed at how good you could feel after just one session!  On moving to Oxford I was unable to find a laughter club so decided to complete Dr.Kataria's Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training and start my own club.

Through the laughter sessions I aim to:

Help reduce stress

Laugh out problems and challenges, maybe find some new solutions

Create social connections

Reintroduce adults to their childlike playfulness - laughing for no reason!

Have a fantastic cardiovascular workout (what better way than to laugh yourself fit?)

Help optimise health and well-being

Promote better breathing

Spread joy and laughter...

Dr. Kataria, who developed Laughter Yoga, has the objective of promoting world peace through laughter.  How wonderful, changing the world one ha, ho or hee at a time!

I look forward to laughing with you at a session soon.



16th April 2018

7pm- 8pm


West Oxford Community Centre

Botley Road