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Cardiovascular workout!  1 minute hearty laughter is said to equal 10 minutes rowing or jogging!

Good workout for the facial muscles

Increases circulation, in particular to the digestive and lymphatic systems

Increases oxygen intake

Deep breathing encourages the exhalation of stale air from the lungs

Promotion of deep diaphragmatic breathing

A reduction in the 'stress hormone', cortisol, has been measured in those attending laughter sessions

An increase in 'feel good hormones' , endorpins, has been measured in those attending laughter sessions.

Immune boosting (Berk, 1990)


Unconditional laughter connects us all

Social interaction and networking, both essential ingredients for a happy life

Laughter sessions are playful and fun, in children social play is critical to the development of social skills

Stress reducing

By helping the free flow of emotions, laughter can be a catharsis, releasing problems

Laughter sessions help connect body and mind

Our state of mind is intimately linked to our state of physical health and well-being so laughing can help improve both

Being surrounded by laughter enables us to laugh more easily, that is why it is so good to have the group laughter sessions